Best Sex Positions to Try Out with your sex dolls in the Bedroom

Having sex with your sex doll can get boring after a while. It’s only natural that partners want to experiment and look for new things that can add some excitement and variety to their yearly sexual routine. The bedroom provides the perfect environment for couples to try out different styles and level up their intimacy.

Some of the best sex positions with real women to try out in the bedroom are as below, you can choose a suitable one to have fun with your life size sex doll:

1. The Cowgirl: The woman sits astride her partner and is in control of the movements. This position can be particularly intimate, allowing a couple to look into each other’s eyes as they thrust. Since the female is in charge, it can be a great boost to her self-esteem.

2. Reverse Missionary: A spicy variation of the traditional missionary, the reverse missionary is an ideal position for G-spot stimulation. The woman lies flat on her stomach and her partner enters from behind, with his legs outside of hers.

3. The Butterfly: The butterfly is a variation of the missionary position where the partner lies flat on their back while the female straddles them. For extra pleasure, put a cushion under the female’s bottom– this will support her back and provide stimulation to her clitoris.

4. The Wheelbarrow: This is a fun position for the couple as the female partner will be playfully supporting her own weight. The male needs to stay in a bent-over position while the female grabs on to his thighs and uses them as stirrups to push and pull herself.

5. The Anvil: This is a great position for added fun as both partners can move freely while having sex. The male partner lies on his back while the female sits on top of him and then leans back. This is great for deeper penetration which can provide her with exciting sensations.

These are just a few of the most popular positions couples can try out in the bedroom. It’s important to remember that sex should be enjoyable–take turns and be sure to be appreciative and try to make it an experience to remember. Let your passions and desires fly free and enjoy some unforgettable sex experiences!