Characteristics of various types of sex toys

1. Sex dolls
Sex dolls usually sell for thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. It can have such a high price entirely due to its manufacturing cost. As we all know, the reason why a sex doll is called a sex doll is because it is large enough, it is completely manufactured according to the proportion of a real person, and it is manufactured with physical materials. , The reason for the complex artificial makeup procedures, resulting in higher prices.

2. Invert.
As the name implies, the mold is made of silica gel according to a certain part of the human body according to a certain proportion. For example, buttocks, breast molds, etc. Compared with sex dolls, the cast is only made according to the proportions of the human body, so it is more convenient and easy to collect, so the price is also much more affordable. A few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

3, aircraft cup (specifically refers to the aircraft cup with shell)
The earliest aircraft cups used to cover a cup with colloid, and the lid can be opened when using. The aircraft cups are usually known for their concealment, but with the development of the times, most of the current aircraft cups are known for their functions.
The function is mainly based on “automatic”.
Now the “automatic” aircraft cups on the market, the more common functions are [vibration type], [automatic insertion and insertion], [automatic rotation type], [intelligent interactive pronunciation] [automatic sucking] and so on
But the current technology, let alone fully automatic, semi-automatic is not considered, the specific is not detailed, anyway, the experience is not satisfactory, you must be prepared for this kind of purchase, the actual experience and business promotion may be completely different. Also, don’t buy anything under $20. You’ll know it when you use it. It’s no better than your hand. Don’t buy those that look cool or absorbing ads, beware of material issues!

4. Famous
Refers to the pure gum toys designed to simulate the structure of the human vagina, generally do not have a shell, its own length is 15, the stretching can be longer, there is no restriction on the length of the user, and the famous products can be used due to the difference in body softness. Produces various feeling of use, stimulating, non-irritating, and soft. Relatively speaking, the cleaning difficulty of famous equipment should be greater than that of aircraft cups. The volume weight is proportional to the price. The more expensive the famous equipment, the higher the volume and weight (Japanese products) As for what anime or real person, this only represents a different endorsement image of a cover package, and there is no substantial difference in essence.
Some personal opinions: aircraft cups and famous devices are more of a keyword when customers buy them. I don’t think you need to buy something and think about the difference in names. This is more of a masturbation device. The key to buying a masturbator depends on your own budget, whether you have real experience, whether you like soft and comfortable, or more exciting, and the weight of the toy, this is the key to the real consideration! Because no matter it is called a plane cup or a famous instrument, there is no such thing as better than the other, it is all used by you, and the one that suits you is the best!

Answer: Why are Japanese famous utensils relatively expensive?
First, the material is safe and secure. Japan has special laws that stipulate the safety standards for the use of masturbation toys.

Second, toy design, Japanese masturbator design has a history of nearly 40 years, and the craftsmanship and design experience are relatively mature and intact.

Third, the toy material, we all know how the experience of the toy is closely related to the weight of the toy and the structure of the material softness, but how to control the softness, how soft is appropriate, how can it be soft, elastic, and smelly and oily No, this formula and matching ratio are the secrets of each Japanese manufacturer. There is no formula and no matching ratio.

In terms of material, design and safety, Japanese sex toys are the industry benchmark.