How should TPE sex dolls be maintained?

Careful care of TPE sex dolls is important because a well-cared-for TPE sex doll can last for many years.

Buy brand new clothes must be washed! Clothes, no matter how good, will have traces of dye, wash to remove residue from fabrics. It is important to note that some clothes also risk staining after washing, so it is best to test on TPE samples.
Dark clothing is a no-no for dolls and may risk staining even after washing. It’s best to avoid dark colors, but if necessary, try to keep dark clothing to a minimum. Also, tight clothing is not recommended as it can cause dents and marks on the doll.

Water-based lubricants are the safest moisturizing lubricants recommended for any doll. Oil-based lubricants can cause minor damage to the material, are difficult to clean, and are not recommended; silicone-based lubricants must not be used.
Of course, many manufacturers also recommend petroleum jelly and mineral oil as a moisturizing and lubricating solvent. Vaseline is a good lubricant, because mold and bacteria cannot grow in pure Vaseline, but because there are too few studies and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false products, it is recommended to use water-based lubricants.

Tpe sex dolls are fairly easy to clean because tpe is a porous material and therefore cannot be sterilized. Can be washed with diluted antibacterial/mild soap or special toy cleaner. Do not use cleaning agents such as bleach, alcohol, boiling water and detergent, and high-power cleaning tools, which will damage the material of the doll.
Minor stains can be wiped off with a damp microfiber cloth. If there is a detachable part, it needs to be taken out and rinsed with a jet needle, shower head, etc. when cleaning, and it must be thoroughly rinsed and completely dried before putting it back.

Due to the porosity of the TPE material, it is easy to dye. Most stains will eventually go away on their own, but it is recommended to remove the stain as soon as it appears. Most doll manufacturers offer stain removers for free, and there are some homemade ways to remove stains:
1. Mineral oil wipes are effective on light stains, while Vaseline can help remove deeper stains.
2. Many people successfully remove stains with a benzoyl peroxide cream (i.e. acne cream), leave it on for a few hours after application, and then rinse off. I’ve also heard of people using whitening toothpaste (containing hydrogen peroxide) as an alternative.
As a last resort not recommended, some baby friends use unscented mineral oil to remove the most stubborn stains. This method is not recommended except as a last resort as it may damage the doll.

After washing, you must make sure it is completely dry to prevent mold from forming.
Absorb residual moisture with a soft cloth or towel, air dry naturally or with a fan, do not use a hair dryer. Due to the TPE material, it takes more time and effort to completely dry, it can take several hours, many people use an air pump or an electric air pump, which is a good idea. Also, some crevices can be dried with tampons or rolled up paper towels.

A cool, dry and dark place is preferred. Try to avoid hard spots as it will flatten the doll and avoid any storage tools that have the potential to fade. It is best to have a flat, wide environment that is neither soft nor hard, ensuring that no joint is bent.
For short-term storage, it is recommended to place the doll on top of the foam. It is best not to keep the doll in one position for too long, changing positions or moving frequently will prevent flattening.
For long-term storage, the head of the doll needs to be removed and packed in boxes. If the doll can stand, it can be leaned against a padded wall, but it is not particularly recommended as it may cause wear and tear on the doll’s knee joints.

Oil and powder dolls regularly to prolong their shelf life. Need to pay attention to the amount each time, do not over-smear.
The general treatment method is to wash and dry first, then apply the oil evenly to the whole body, and massage lightly. After the oil is fully absorbed, you can apply it with a talcum powder. It is recommended to apply powder once a month, apply oil once every three months, and perform major maintenance every six months.

Why oil and powder your sex doll? The TPE material will naturally release oil over time, and oiling the doll will help replenish this oil. TPE material can also become sticky over time, especially after cleaning, so dusting powder helps smooth the skin and keep the doll from sticking to dust.