How to repair the damaged TPE sex doll?

The product life of sex dolls is very long, they are made of silicone and TPE materials, which guarantees enough durability. But despite their sturdiness, there is still a certain level of wear and tear, from not paying attention to the storage of the sex dolls, and on the other hand, from not being careful enough to handle them when they need to be used, causing scratches.

Of course, the damage of sex dolls is not intentional, but unintentional, full of uncertainty. Therefore, when we have not faced these small injuries, it is necessary to keep some tools at home in case of emergency. Today, we provide you with 3 methods or tools, enough to face unexpected situations to repair sex dolls.

hair dryer
Generally, a hair dryer is always kept at home because it is a very common household appliance, although boys do not often have it. And it helps restore indentations on the skin of TPE sex dolls.
First, take a clean towel and moisten it a little with water, remember not to use hot water; then, place the towel over the indentation on the sex doll’s skin, and use a hair dryer to heat the towel-covered surface. If you do it correctly, after a few repetitions, you will see the dent start to slowly disappear.

TPE glue
The method of the hair dryer deals with dents and sags. The TPE glue is the damage to the sex doll torn. In addition to TPE glue, a long support tool such as a stick, chopsticks or any other wooden tool is required.
It is usually recommended to thoroughly clean the area to be repaired before repairing, mainly wearing gloves, and using tools to scrape and pick out the dirty things at the tear, which can ensure that other particles or grease will not be adsorbed on other parts of the sex doll. Then, use a long stick to apply the glue evenly to the torn area, and slowly squeeze the wound together with force, about 2-5 minutes, so that the glue can work.
After the wound is almost closed, wipe off the extruded glue with a towel. Before it is completely dry, use rubbing alcohol to remove the excess glue remaining on the skin. After that, just make sure that there is no tension in the torn part, and let it dry for 24 hours. .

white towel
In the two processes mentioned above, towels are required, and sex dolls have relatively high requirements for towels. Microfiber white towels are generally recommended, because TPE is a relatively soft material, and ordinary large-particle towels are too rough, which will cause the skin of the sex doll to “peel” when wiping; in addition, the porous nature of TPE makes it very easy. Dyeing, choosing white prevents the dyes used in the production of towels from contaminating the sex dolls.

In addition, if you don’t have a hair dryer at home, you can also use the towel method to restore dents in dolls, especially knees and arms. Wet the towel, note that you need to use very hot water here, unlike a hair dryer; then carefully cover the dent with a towel and tap lightly with your hands or with a tool. When the water cools, it needs to be re-wetted and tapped repeatedly to remove the indentation.