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latest style handbag wireless remote control automatic telescopic sex machine

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The temptation of sex machines
Design is unique, thrusting movement within the human sex also applied to the appliance of incisively and vividly.
Enough force, hot, relaxed and enjoy the impact of mysterious g-spot pleasure.
Male sexual intercourse for an average of 2- 6 minutes, while women reach orgasm took an average of 10 minutes, use sex machine, no longer worried about a matter of time.
Use sex machines at the same time, cooperate with the use of interest jump egg!
Let you immediately to the clitoris, vagina double levels!
Enjoy a woman may enjoy less than the euphoria of the rest of my life!

Tips: stimulate the most sensitive clitoris with jump first egg, can let you in a short period of time to limp and numb state, then vaginal lubrication has been gradually; Open sex machine, let the penis into your body, to adjust to your favorite thrusting model; Sex on high-speed thrust at the same time, continue to stimulate your clitoris with jump eggs, make sure you set to vibration fatigue, soft body stand into the dying "extremely high realm. Seriously, this is regardless of the men have powerful male dog waist, can do it super good helper.

Matters needing attention
1, patients with high blood pressure, heart disease, and not suitable for other intense stimulation and disease of department of gynaecology is disabled.
2, in addition to the simulation and host phallus cover, water shall be used for other components or any detergent to clean or wipe.
3, using the environment: the temperature of 0 ~ 65 ℃, relative humidity 45% ~ 85%.
4, save the environment: dry, away from the fire.
5, and products are subject to change without prior notice and will be subject to random data.
The applicable objects
1, to increase the entertainment interest in sexual life partner;
2, the pursuit of different sexual experience of modern women.
3, husband and wife to live in another place, sexual desire cannot release of women;
4, living alone for a long time, don't want to casually with the opposite sex single women;
5, sex apathy or sexual desire strong sexual function extreme women;
6, her husband body inconvenience or have sexual dysfunction of women;
7, have gay sex partners.
Players suggestion: in order to facilitate cleaning and sanitation, Suggestions on the penis to wear a condom use is better

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