150cm WM Doll M Cup – Cherish


Cherish is a life-like entity sex doll with an incredibly realistic body. Cherish is one big sexy mamma! This big beautiful woman has a whole lotta cushion for the pushing… With those big thick sexy thighs and those huge bouncing boobs, you’ll find it hard to get some rest with this sexy babe around the house… She has an articulated metal skeleton and a soft, supple body made of TPE material. Her body is smooth and soft to the touch, and her skin is realistic and detailed. Her face is sculpted with delicate features and a beautiful complexion. Her bust is an impressive M cup size, with large, firm breasts that are perfect for cuddling. She comes with a variety of clothing and accessories, including lingerie, stockings, and shoes. She is the perfect companion for those looking for a realistic, life-like doll to love and cherish.



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Brand: WM Dolls

Head: 56

Height: 150cm ( 59.1″ ) – head included

Body: 150CM M cup

Weight: 42kg ( 92.6lbs ) – head included

Full Bust: 95cm ( 37.4″ )

Waist: 52cm ( 20.5″ )

Hip: 114cm ( 44.9″ )

Thigh Girth: 67 cm (26.3″ )

Leg Length: 69cm ( 27″ )

Vagina Depth: 17cm ( 6.7″ )

Anal Depth: 17cm ( 6.7″ )

Oral Depth: 13cm ( 5.1″ )

Vagina Diameter: 1.5cm ( 0.6″ )

Anal Diameter: 1.5cm ( 0.6″ )

Material: TPE