152cm Irontech Silicone Lifelike Lovedolls – Misa


Silicone Lifelike Lovedolls – Misa are realistic, life-sized sex dolls made of high-quality silicone. She’s designed to look and feel like real people, with realistic facial features, body proportions, and skin textures. Misa will provide companionship, comfort, and pleasure to their owners. She’s waterproof and easy to clean, making them ideal for long-term use.

SKU: XO-IR-S1675


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Height: 152cm
Head: S10
Material: Silicone
Shoulder width: 36cm
Bust: 79cm
Under bust: 70cm
Waist: 65cm
Hip: 95cm
Leg: 92cm
Arm: 63cm
Palm: 18cm
Feet: 22cm
Weight: 40kg
Head Connector: M16
Vaginal Depth:18cm
Anal Depth: 16cm
Oral capability: No