155cm Irontech Transexual Sex Doll – Mia


Mia is a 155cm incredibly lifelike transexual sex doll. She is made from Irontech’s patented TPE material, which is soft to the touch and feels incredibly realistic. Her body is anatomically correct and features a full bust, slim waist, curvy hips and straight thick penis. Her face is sculpted with lifelike features. She is perfect for those who want to explore their sexuality and experience something new.

SKU: XO-IR-S1840


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Breast line: 74cm
Underbreastline: 63cm
Waistline: 57cm
Hip line: 82cm
Shoulder width: 33cm
Thighline: 44cm
Calfline: 30cm
Arm Length: 54cm
Leg Length: 81cm
Feet Size: 20cm
Weight: 30kg
Package Size: 147 x 38 x 30cm
Oral: 12cm