157cm WM Doll B Cup – Jennifer

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Jennifer “the gymnast” has the kind of flexibility that will make your mind boggle and your heart race. She’s the girl next door who never had time for you cos she was too busy training but right now she’s on vacation and looking for something to replace that vaulting horse. Standing at 157cm and weighing only 62lbs, she’s perfect for anyone looking for a sweet, light-weight beauty that really packs a punch! With a slim, athletic build, lush curves, perky small breasts (B Cup) and a tight little booty she’s ready for you and ready for action.



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Brand: WM Dolls

Body: WM 157cm B cup

Head: 57

Height: 157cm (5ft2) – head included

Weight: 28.6kg (62lbs) – head included

Bust: 67cm (26.3″)

Under Bust: 60cm (23.6″)

Waist: 48cm (18.9″)

Hip: 77cm (30.3″)

Thigh Girth: 48cm (18.9″)

Leg length: 83cm (32.6″)

Arm length: 60cm (23.6″)

Vagina Depth: 17cm (6.7″)

Anal Depth: 17cm (6.7″)

Oral Depth: 13cm (5.1″)

Vagina Diameter: 1.5cm (0.6″)

Anal Diameter: 1.5cm (0.6″)