160cm WM Doll B Cup – Destiny

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Destiny is a 160cm WM Doll B Cup. She is a beautiful sexy love doll with a realistic body and a lifelike face. Her body is made from high-quality TPE material, making her soft to the touch and very flexible. Her face is sculpted with attention to detail, giving her a realistic and lifelike appearance. Her eyes are big and bright, her lips are full and inviting, and her hair is long and luxurious.
Destiny is a great choice for those looking for a realistic and lifelike sex doll. She is perfect for cuddling and companionship. Her body is soft and flexible, making her perfect for all kinds of intimate activities. She is also great for photography and other creative endeavors.



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Brand: WM Dolls

Model: 160cm B cup

Head: 432

Height: 160cm

Weight: 32kg

Breast Size: B cup

Skin in Photos: Light Tan

Bust: 73 cm

Arm length: 66cm

Shoulders: 33cm

Waist: 48 cm

Hip: 83 cm

Leg length: 77cm

Foot length: 21 cm

Vagina Depth: 17cm ( 6.7″ )

Anal Depth: 17cm ( 6.7″ )

Oral Depth: 13cm ( 5.1″ )

Vagina Diameter: 1.5cm ( 0.6″ )

Anal Diameter: 1.5cm ( 0.6″ )

Material: TPE