162cm Male Irontech Sexy Man Doll – Nicholas


Nicholas is a premium-quality male sex doll made from high-grade TPE material. His body is anatomically correct, with a realistic face and body structure. He stands at 162cm tall and weighs in at 38kg. His body is muscular and toned, with a defined six-pack and a sculpted chest. His skin is soft and lifelike, and his hair is made from premium synthetic fibers. He comes with a removable penis and a realistic vagina for added pleasure. His joints are articulated, allowing him to be posed in a variety of positions. He is perfect for those who want to experience a realistic and intimate sexual experience.

SKU: XO-IR-S1769


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Brand: Irontech
Model: 162cm Male Doll
Head: Nicholas
Chest: 90.5cm
Waistline: 72cm
Hip line: 95cm
Arm Length: 57cm
Leg Length: 71cm
Shoulder width: 43cm
Thighline: 55cm
Clafline: 35cm
Feet size: 25cm
Weight: 38kg
Penis Size: 15cm – 25cm
Anus Depth: 17cm
Oral: 12cm