163cm Irontech Sex Doll Plus Love Doll – Doria


Doria is a unique and realistic love doll that provides a realistic experience for those looking to explore their fantasies. This doll features a full body with realistic features, such as soft skin, realistic hair, and a lifelike face. The sex doll also has a metal skeleton, which allows for a wide range of positions and flexibility, as well as a variety of accessories, such as clothing and lingerie. With its realistic features, Doria is perfect for those looking for a realistic and intimate experience.

SKU: XO-IR-S1822


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Height: 163cm
Breast line: 96cm
Underbreastline: 71cm
Waistline: 62cm
Hip line: 94cm
Shoulder width: 35cm
Thighline: 51cm
Calfline: 31cm
Arm Length: 67cm
Leg Length: 88cm
Feet Size: 22.5cm
Weight: 37kg