164cm Irontech The Real Dolls Plus – Lola


Lola is a 164cm tall, life-like sex doll made of high-quality TPE material. She has a realistic body with a curvy figure and large breasts. Her skin is soft and smooth to the touch and her head is interchangeable with other Irontech models. Lola comes with wigs, eyes, and a realistic vagina and anus for added pleasure.With her realistic facial features and body proportions, Lola is sure to provide you with a realistic and pleasurable experience.

SKU: XO-IR-S1695


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Height: 164cm / 5’ft 3″
Head: Lola
Breast Line: 81cm
Underbreastline: 60cm
Waistline: 59cm
Hipline: 103cm
Arm Length: 67cm
Shoulder width: 35cm
Leg Length: 75cm
Feet Length: 22cm
Weight: 43kg
Material: TPE
Vagina depth: 18cm
Anus depth: 16cm
Oral depth: 13cm