175cm Irontech Hybrid Male – Jack

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Jack is a 175cm Irontech Hybrid Male sex doll. He is a strong and athletic-looking man with a muscular build. His skin is a light tan color and his eyes are a deep brown. He has black hair and sexy whiskers that is cut short. He is wearing a earthy yellow suit. He is also wearing a pair of black boots. Jack is a determined and brave individual who is always ready for a challenge. He is an expert in mountaineering and rock climbing. He is also a great leader and is always willing to take charge of any situation.

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Brand: Irontech
Model: 175cm Male Doll
Head: M2
Height: 175cm
Chest: 90cm
Waistline: 76cm
Hip line: 99cm
Thigh line: 54cm
Calf line: 46cm
Feet size: 25cm
Shoulder width: 43cm
Weight: 50kg (110lbs)
Penis: (Big) 27cm x 5.8cm
Penis: (Normal) 18cm x 4.3cm
Anus Depth: 17cm
Oral: None
Material: TPE Body, Silicone Head


Irontech Doll


175cm / 5ft7

Doll Type



Silicone Head & TPE Body

Skin Color