95cm Irontech Silicone Torso


The 95cm Irontech silicone sex doll torso is an anatomically accurate, full-size torso made from high-quality silicone. It is designed to provide a realistic training experience for medical professionals, students, and hobbyists alike. The torso features realistic skin texture and realistic movement. The 95cm Irontech Silicone Torso is an excellent tool for medical students to practice their skills and for medical professionals to stay up to date on their knowledge.

SKU: XO-IR-S1639


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Height: 95cm
Upper chest: 87cm
Lower chest: 68cm
Waist: 57cm
Hip: 103cm
Thigh: 59cm
Leg: 27cm
Weight: 23.7kg
Head Connector: M16
Vaginal Depth:18cm
Anal Depth: 16cm
Oral capability: No