Best Life Size Sex Real Doll – Natalia


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This life size sex real doll is equipped with vaginal and anal channels. Each hole brings completely different suction sensations. You can adjust the posture as you like, you will get to set the pace and rhythm and to generally be the dominant one.

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1 review for Best Life Size Sex Real Doll – Natalia

  1. SanT

    This doll is very impressive with how realistic it is! The touch of everything is amazing. The weight of the doll add to the realism. Great toy for a couple or solo. The breasts are very real feeling.

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Height 140cm 145cm 150cm 158cm 168cm
Upper Bust 67cm 68cm 75cm 81cm 83cm
Under Bust 49cm 50cm 66cm 72cm 76cm
Waist 44cm 45cm 51cm 56cm 57cm
Hip 75cm 76cm 78cm 78cm 82cm
Neck 26cm 27cm 27cm 30cm 29cm
Shoulder 28cm 28cm 32cm 33cm 36cm
Arm 54cm 55cm 45cm 41cm 48cm
Thigh 29cm 31cm 33cm 33cm 33cm
Leg 38cm 45cm 38cm 50cm 52cm
Palm 14cm 14cm 14cm 14cm 16cm
Foot 17cm 19cm 19cm 21cm 21cm
Mouth 13cm 13cm 12cm 12cm 12cm
Anus 12cm 12cm 12cm 12cm 12cm
Vagina 16cm 16cm 17cm 17cm 17cm
Weight 27kg 27kg 32kg 36kg 42kg

140cm / 4ft6, 145cm / 4ft8, 150cm / 4ft9, 158cm / 5ft2, 168cm / 5ft5