Some interesting sex toys (2)

Male Masturbation Cup Men’s Masturbation Cup is one of the best adult products for male friends who don’t have sex friends. It is usually made of soft anti-corrosion paint or silicone material. Cheap men’s masturbators are usually made of sponge, which is usually an environmentally friendly design for easy cleaning and can be reused many times. The shape is exquisite, like a Coke cup, imitating three kinds of safe passages for copulation. Due to the high simulation of the embedded structure, it is very realistic to use. Although there is no effect of health care and thickening, it is very useful to relieve personal impulses like hand punching.

Lubricant lovers often use body lubricating fluid during sex, because it can prevent each other from damage caused by insufficient lubricating oil, and it is also a very good tool for couples, especially for those lovers who are still relatively unfamiliar with their married life. And for very old couples, a good body lubricant can not only enhance the moisturizing effect, improve sexual sensation, make the life of husband and wife more harmonious, and enhance the relationship between husband and wife; at the same time, it is more likely to reduce skin damage and reduce Harmful microorganisms such as germs and virus infection can corrode the human body; reasonably reduce the damage of condoms and reduce the probability of unwanted pregnancy. Delay spray Delay spray is one of the most suitable adult sex products for men. Nowadays, many couples have a high degree of time manipulation for men in their married life. It goes without saying that women seem to be dissatisfied afterward, so This product should be released soon, and it solves the distress of a good friend. It has a unique effect on premature ejaculation, especially penis weakness during sex, and the effect is quick. This product makes the other party satisfied as a starting point, makes the relationship more united, and has a magical effect on enhancing the other party’s emotions.

Anal pull beads, also known as anal pull beads, are a type of sex toy. Most of them look like a soft rope with the same connection size or increasing from small to large. The total number of bead strings is endless. The end of the rope has a round shape that is easy to drive. Because the colon at the anus is close to the vagina, the anal beads will stimulate the anus, and both men and women will feel comfortable. However, maigoo kindly reminds you to use a special anal lubricating fluid before use. Don’t use too much, so as not to cause anal relaxation infection, infection and even anal prolapse.

Delay time ring is equivalent to the sheep’s eye ring in ancient times. Because of its ductility, it can be placed on the penis relatively easily, which can tighten the penis and slow down the return of blood in the veins of the penis, but does not hinder the pumping of the aortic blood vessels, increasing the blood flow in the penis quantity. The continuous hematoma of the genital cell tissue can lengthen and strengthen the fibers of the genital cell tissue, thereby prolonging the sexual time, which is beneficial to the treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation, and the enhancement of the genitalia. Its different transformation methods also have the effect of increasing the stimulation to women and making the sexual life more enjoyable.

Silicone TPE Sex Dolls are adult products that have become more and more popular with single men and women in recent years, and can be divided into men, women and children. After inflating, the volume is close to the size of an adult, and it is soft after inflating. The relative height of the simulated skin is simulated. The raw materials are non-toxic and safe, and the durability is high. The hand feel is basically the same as the real version. It should also be stain resistant and should be easy to clean. Good solid TPE sex dolls have delicate skin color and feel closer to real skin.