What is a entity doll?

Entity Doll refers to a simulated doll whose body is entirely solid, with simulated bones or fillers, and is close to the structure of the real human body. Due to the high cost of manufacturing materials, complex manufacturing technology, and cumbersome artificial makeup procedures, the price is relatively high.

Entity doll features
1. First of all its interior is not inflated but solid.
2. The feel of the touch is comparable to that of a real person. The complexion is radiant and delicate, and it is no different from the real one.
3. The entity doll also has a dust-proof function and is easy to clean.
4. Each joint of the entity doll is made of polymer synthetic resin material and has a mechanical bracket inside, so that it can change its posture.

Entity doll use
Meet entity and psychological needs, display functions, decoration, fitting functions, etc.

Development status of entity dolls
In recent years, my country’s entity dolls are still in the new stage of development. More mature foreign countries include the United States and Japan.