What is the principle of the inner mucous membrane of the silicone doll?

In daily life, when their wives are pregnant or have frigidity, men’s physiological needs are not met, and they will think about buying a silicone doll. So how far has the current silicone doll development been? In addition, what is the principle of the inner mucous membrane of the silicone doll?

Speaking of silicone dolls, many men are aware of them. The original physical dolls were ordinary inflatable dolls, and later the overall dolls were now high-fidelity physical dolls.

As far as the first ordinary inflatable doll is concerned, it is close to the size of the human body after being inflated, and the body has a certain elasticity and softness, but it is relatively rough and can only imitate a general human shape; and the whole body of the doll is solid, Most of them are made of silicone material or TPE material, which is very similar to the skin of a real person, and the body size is also close to that of a real person.

Relatively speaking, it has made a lot of progress compared with inflatable dolls. Finally, the more popular simulation dolls are now more popular. The skin is made of soft silicone, which feels excellent to the touch.

At the same time, mechanical bones are installed inside, which can make many actions and postures like real people. Well-made products can reach the point of being fake.

In addition, as far as the inner mucous membrane of the silicone doll is concerned, it is made of soft silicone to imitate the real part. The appearance is very realistic, and the touch is not too different from the real one. Therefore, it is loved by many people, but the price is relatively high.