Why TPE sex dolls are oily and smelly?

To say that the TPE sex doll is oily and stinky is actually wronging TPE. As a new type of environmentally friendly polymer material, TPE has excellent characteristics such as safety and environmental protection, high resilience, comfortable and delicate hand feeling, etc. It is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and many baby products also use TPE. In the molecular or phase structure of TPE materials, only physical cross-linking structures exist, and there are permanent deformation and stress relaxation. The real culprit that makes the TPE sex dolls smelly is white mineral oil. The raw material of TPE sex dolls is TPE and 6~10 minutes of white mineral oil heated and fused. The melting point of white mineral oil is low, and TPE sex dolls will come out after 30 degrees Oil is the temperature of the human body, so it feels oily when you touch it.

If you have lighted candles, you should know that the smell of TPE sex dolls is very similar to the smell of candles, so it is said that sex dolls have oily smell because TPE has blamed white mineral oil. Therefore, under normal circumstances, only inferior sex dolls will have peculiar smell, and long-term use will have an impact on the human body. If the economy allows, try to choose sex doll of the deadly brand, the price is relatively high, and the quality is relatively good.