About the mistakes you will encounter when buying sex dolls

The biggest mistake for getting a sex doll is to display pictures of the sex doll, but the sales are inflatable dolls. Why are some sex dolls on the market costing more than a thousand, while others are only tens of hundreds, and they look exactly the same on the surface.
The reason is that these dozens and hundreds are inflatable dolls, inflatable dolls are like inflatable raincoats, and there is no sense of experience.

The second mistake is the material mistake. In order to show that their dolls are different, many businesses will add some concepts into them, such as frozen TPE, jelly chest, I have to focus on the TPE, the sex doll will have in the production process.

An oil-material ratio, if the ratio of oil is relatively high in the ratio, the doll made will be softer, but the oil output of the doll will be very large, sticky to the touch and heavy odor, in addition to the feel will be good , In terms of other lack of experience, this is also a headache for me, because some customers often ask me, is your doll oily or not, does it have any peculiar smell? I just want to say that the dolls produced by ordinary manufacturers have no oil in sight and no taste. It’s just that some manufacturers create this kind of jelly TPE in pursuit of softness.

Then there is the platinum TPE. The platinum TPE means that the ratio of oil is a little less, so that the doll will be harder, but it will be durable and easy to clean. This kind of doll is suitable for adult experience stores, not for ordinary sellers. The mistake of platinum TPE mainly lies in The production cost is the same, but some manufacturers use the so-called platinum to sell them at a high price in order to appear taller. In fact, the price of such dolls is the same as the price of more common dolls. It is not necessary to buy such dolls for personal use.

Adding function words to appear tall mistakes, such as wax-like silicone heads, wax-like S-level packaging, and materials imported from the United States.

The useless production shows the front-end mistake. The representative ones here are the vacuum chest, self-moistening lower body, water injection heat function, the resilience of the air is impossible to be as good as the resilience of TPE, and once there is a weak point, then there is no After using it, it will self-moisten the lower body. In order to avoid the damage of grinding and insertion, the surface of the lower body of the doll also needs to smistake lubricating oil. If the surface is coated, it does not matter. There is a little lubricating oil inside.

Summary: When starting with sex dolls, in fact, ordinary sex dolls are the best comprehensive dolls. Don’t pursue the concept of falsification excessively. As long as you accept the price and like the appearance, then these two conditions are fine.