How to decolorize TPE silicone sex doll after dyeing?

When it comes to the material of silicone, everyone is familiar with it, and it has a wide range of applications. It can not only make chest stickers, but also make silicone sex dolls. silicone sex dolls are about the same size as life-size. If they are not stored properly, it will lead to silicone sex dolls. Dyeing, many people do not know how to deal with it. So how to decolorize TPE silicone sex doll after dyeing, and olive oil to decolorize silicone sex doll? Below is a detailed answer to this question.

If you want to remove the color after dyeing the TPE silicone sex doll, you can use these methods:
1. Using the decolorizing cream, first wash the surface of the silicone sex doll, and then use a cloth to absorb the moisture. Then use a cotton swab to dip an appropriate amount of the decolorizing cream and apply it evenly to the dyed part of the silicone sex doll. Wait 12 hours and then apply it again. Before smearing Wipe off the last remaining depigmentation cream, reapply until the color of the stained part is basically faded, and then rinse with water.

2. Use alcohol, prepare a clean towel, soak the towel with alcohol, then wrap the towel around the dyed silicone skin, and then fix the towel. After a period of time, the color will slowly evaporate with the alcohol. At the same time, you can also use talcum powder to wipe the stained part frequently, which can speed up the recovery.

In order to avoid the dyeing of silicone sex dolls, it is recommended that when choosing clothes for silicone sex dolls, try to choose light-colored clothes, avoid wearing dark-colored clothes, and wash the clothes before wearing them.

Olive oil is generally not able to stain silicone sex dolls, and the effect is not very good. It is recommended to use the above method to remove color.