How to collect sex dolls?

I want to buy a sex doll, but the sex doll is life-size and inconvenient to store. If you don’t want your family to know, how do you hide it?

The general storage method of dolls is not too complicated? Depending on the situation, it can be divided into the following 4 types.

1. Sofa box
It is usually suitable for personal collection and is the first choice for single stayers. It looks like a long sofa seat, which can be properly concealed. The trouble is that when using and storing the doll, you need to hold it up and down, and you have some confidence in your waist strength. can try.

2. Large wardrobe
It is relatively simple and easy, and it can be covered with a row of clothes under normal circumstances, but if there is someone who is intimate enough to open your wardrobe and turn over your clothes, it is not recommended.

3. The dark compartment in the bed
It’s easy to get and easy to put away. Of course, the key is how does the opening of your bed cover face? And this bed seems to need to be customized. Although it also needs to be carried out, it is a little easier than the sofa box.

4. Clothing hangers
Get dressed and sit on the windowsill. It is suitable for people who don’t worry about the facial influence the doll will cause to themselves, but it is still recommended to buy a more beautiful doll to match the room better. Personally, it is recommended.