How to repair a cracked TPE sex doll?

When you have a TPE sex doll, you may experience doll tearing, cracking, etc., but don’t worry! Because there are already many ways to fix it, all you need is a few drops of “special glue” to “heal” your beautiful partner.

What exactly is TPE glue?
TPE is a thermoplastic polymer based material whose purpose is to give TPE sex dolls a neater appearance and a more realistic touch. This material has different properties, one of which is that it is quite elastic, so after use it always returns to its natural shape.
However, not everything is perfect, the material stains easily and it can even crack without proper care. This is why it is necessary to have proper and necessary tools to repair your doll.
The TPE glue is a special solvent for this material. Its function is to slightly melt the zero part of the TPE sex doll and bond the two together by applying pressure. This allows to see a good finished product and also ensures that the product will not break again in the same place.
These special TPE glues are specially developed for repairing small cracks in TPE sex dolls. They are usually developed after many tests. The products meet strict standards and are harmless to health. There is no need to worry about direct contact.

How to choose the right TPE glue?
So, how to choose the right TPE glue? The first thing that must be considered is what material the doll is made of. Silica gel is sometimes confused with TPE, they can be very similar, but when they break, they all respond differently to different types of glue or fixation methods available.
The specificity of TPE does not allow most glues to form a strong bond on it, which is why its glue is not an adhesive, but a solvent. It acts on damaged surfaces, melts them, and fuses them together.
That said, not all commonly used solvents will work with TPE, and most can over-pigment or melt your doll’s skin and, in some cases, cause more damage.

How to use TPE glue?
Before use, the damaged part of the doll must be thoroughly cleaned. Makeup remover wipes are recommended, try not to rub too much, just remove any residue.
When applying TPE glue, make sure that there is no tension on the surface before applying the glue; when the TPE surface dissolves, the TPE glue will adhere. Therefore, after applying the glue, it should be pressed and fixed immediately, just like the principle of electric welding, welding together. Don’t apply too much, just apply the glue with a cotton swab or toothpick and let it dry for about half an hour.

Preconditions for use
TPE glue is corrosive to dolls, so make sure to do it in a well-ventilated area so you don’t inhale any glue that might evaporate. At the same time prepare pliers, flashlight, cotton balls, wipes, acetone solvent and toothpicks, cotton.

Alternative to TPE glue
There are few effective ways to repair TPE sex dolls, most common glues (latex, wood glue, epoxy) don’t work, and few methods match the usefulness and integrity of TPE glue. They don’t stick to the surface of the doll, and when they do, they usually leave a hard bump, which greatly reduces the quality of the doll’s experience.

But there are also 3 alternative ways to fix TPE sex dolls:
thermal bonding
Due to the nature of TPE, thermal remodeling is a good option. However, the techniques and tools required (heat guns, soldering irons, and rods of different sizes) make this option infeasible for most TPE sex doll owners, especially newbies.

CA glue
Also known as “instant glue”, it is commonly used to glue eyelashes, nails and toenails. It sticks to TPE but leaves rough spots on the area like “scars on your doll”.

Tianna water
Xylene, also known as tanner, is an industrial-grade wood distillate used as the main component of the solvent. In small amounts, it can be used as a glue, but xylene is harmful to human health and is not actually recommended.