How to deal with the smell of TPE sex dolls?

With the continuous development of TPE product technology, the application of TPE products in life has become more and more extensive. For example, TPE sex dolls are a kind of TPE products.

Although it is widely used, some of them may not be perfect. For example, some people find that the purchased TPE sex doll has a strong smell. How to deal with this kind of TPE sex doll with a strong smell? Can smell cause cancer?

TPE sex dolls are made of environmentally friendly and healthy materials. Basically, there is no big smell in the rubber material. If there is a smell, it may be a TPE sex doll that has just been produced, so it will have a little smell, but it is not strong. , which disappears after a while.

It can be known that TPE sex dolls generally made of regular materials will not have a great taste. TPE is non-toxic and tasteless. Other materials, such as Tpe or platinum TPE, will not have a smell. If the TPE sex doll has a great smell, it may be using a common vulcanizing agent that is not environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

It is recommended to buy regular products from regular channels. When choosing TPE sex dolls, try to choose TPE products with better performance and odorless.

Although the smell of TPE sex dolls is relatively unpleasant, but normally it will not cause cancer, because it still retains its original performance, but it is recommended not to keep TPE sex dolls that smell too strong, after all, it will also smell too much. feel uncomfortable.