What to do if the skin of TPE sex doll is sticky?

TPE has many uses, not only in baby tableware and baking, but also in adult dolls, that is, TPE sex dolls. TPE products are relatively sticky, so many friends want to know how to deal with sticky dolls. So what to do with the sticky skin of the TPE sex doll, and how to solve the sticky surface of the TPE sex doll? Below is a detailed answer to this question.

First of all, it is normal for TPE sex dolls to have sticky skin, because TPE itself is relatively soft, and it will age over time. It may also be that the content of TPE oil in it is relatively high, which will reduce the hardness of the TPE, which will lead to this situation.

If the skin of the TPE sex doll is sticky, you can wash and dry the TPE sex doll, and then apply talcum powder or talcum powder on the surface of the TPE sex doll’s skin to improve the problem.
It is recommended that when purchasing TPE sex dolls, you should choose dolls made of good TPE materials, so that the problem of stickiness is not easy to occur. It is also necessary to choose products produced by regular manufacturers. The materials are safe and will not affect human health.

When storing TPE sex dolls, pay attention to these:
1. Avoid letting the TPE sex doll stand for a long time when saving, and let the TPE sex doll lie flat.
2. Clean and dry the TPE sex doll before saving, and do not wear dark clothes for the TPE sex doll to avoid staining.
3. Do not squeeze when storing, otherwise long-term squeezing will cause deformation of the TPE sex doll.
4. Store in an airtight container, do not expose to the air, because the surface of silica gel is prone to stickiness and static electricity, and it will get dusty.