How to distinguish between good and bad sex dolls?

Sex doll material
The most obvious and probably the most useful is to look at the material for making sex dolls. At present, there are only two materials used by manufacturers, namely TPE and silica gel.
Both materials are very soft and smooth and feel like real skin. They are barely affected by small abrasions, which makes them similar to real skin.
Therefore, the low-level material lacks smooth and soft texture, in addition, it will be very fragile and easily affected by small scratches, which is a point that cannot be ignored.

Superficial allergic reaction
These dolls, whether TPE or silicone, do not have any allergies or adverse reactions to lube or standard cleaners.
However, this is not the case for lower-grade sex dolls, which are virtually immune to allergies and anaphylaxis. terrible smell
Simply put, sex dolls don’t give off any bad smells. If you’re slack at cleaning your sex dolls, then you’re likely to smell some kind of bad smell that can be washed off.
Low-quality sex dolls aren’t made from standard TPE or silicone, so they give off a weird smell that’s a definite disadvantage of low-quality materials.
The worst part is that you can’t wash the smell off the sex doll, no matter how you clean the sex doll, the bad smell will always be there.
So, it’s a pretty clear indication to poor quality sex dolls.

Very low price
Finally, we discuss the price factor. The obvious fact is that sex dolls don’t come cheap, and a complete doll can cost a fortune.
While there are also very cheap sex dolls, you have to know that scams are often disguised as something that works.
Simply put, if you come across a sex doll seller at a price that’s too “feasible”, try not to give in to temptation or you’ll end up with a low-quality sex doll.
We advise you to stay away from these kinds of scams that might steal your hard-earned money, it’s not worth it.