Pros and cons of TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls

Today we talk about a kind of silicone doll in the entity sex doll. The entity doll refers specifically to the TPE sex doll and the silicone sex doll. In fact, both the tpe doll and the silicone doll are entity sex dolls. Because tpe sells a lot more than silicone sex dolls. Doll friends are used to calling it entity sex dolls. This is not the point, the point is that we want to talk about the softness and hardness of silicone sex dolls and solve the problem of sexual needs.

At present, the silicone sex dolls on the market still feel relatively hard, and it is not impossible to have sex. But the feeling of having sex is not as good as TPE sex dolls! And often have sex with silicone sex dolls, some parts of silicone sex dolls are easy to tear.

Of course, there are some top manufacturers who can make silicone sex dolls with good comfort and softness, but the cost will be higher and the price is relatively high. Generally speaking, the cost performance is not the best choice.