The difference between physical sex dolls and real people

I guess many people are curious. We know that physical sex dolls are solid, made of non-toxic, odorless, oxidation-resistant, aging-resistant TPE or silicone. The skin feels almost the same as real skin, even the lines on the body and the fingers on the fingers. Fingerprints are all done very well. Because it is artificially made, the appearance and figure are very good, even better than the real person. The solid sex doll also has joints inside. You can make it pose various poses like a human, and the lower body and chest are also passed through. Special processing makes it easier for you to get an orgasm during sex with a solid sex doll! So, what’s the difference between a real person and a physical sex doll?

The physical sex doll is at your mercy, so you can unlock more positions, but that’s exactly what it is, so you need to adjust when the position changes.

Solid sex dolls don’t have body temperature, but can provide heating, which I don’t agree with because it may damage the doll.

Physical sex dolls can’t speak, but with the pursuit of physical sex dolls, they have been designed to make different sounds according to the frequency of sexual actions.

There is also a physical sex doll that will not do laundry and cooking for you, or do housework…

There is definitely a difference between real people and physical sex dolls, but for a better user experience, manufacturers are also making continuous efforts. In the future, there may be a simple language communication function, which can have simple conversations with users, and physical sex dolls are also becoming more and more popular. smarter.