Which is better to choose between TPE and silicone dolls?

Sex dolls on the market are mainly divided into three types of sex dolls: full silicone body, full TPE body, and silicone head plus TPE body combination. The following will give you a comprehensive and multi-angle comparison and analysis of their differences.

1. The material of the sex doll is silicone, which is a thermosetting elastomer, and TPE, which is a thermoplastic elastomer material. The density of silica gel is higher than that of TPE, so it has better anti-aging properties than TPE. The high density of silicone makes it more malleable and has more space for weight loss. Therefore, details such as body curves and skin texture are better than TPE in production. TPE has the characteristics of high strength, high resilience, and can be injection-molded. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe, soft to the touch, and can be reused or molded separately. It should be noted that because of its excellent colorability, TPE is relatively easy to be made of. dyeing.

2. The elasticity of TPE is unmatched by silicone, but because of its low material density, it is easier to break, and it is more likely to be damaged when squeezed by sharp objects, and the plasticity of silicone material is particularly good, so The body curve of the doll is more graceful and the details are better.

3. Skeleton and face
Because of the plastic shape of the silicone material and the advanced skeleton, it can pose more suitable actions and poses for shooting. However, the skeleton of the TPE sex doll is limited by the joints and cannot achieve a complete kneeling posture, which is less beautiful than the silicone sex doll.

The face of the silicone sex doll is more delicate, the skin texture is prominent, the makeup is exquisite, the eyelashes and eyebrows are more delicate, the hairline is real, and it is more simulated and beautiful.

The makeup of TPE sex dolls has high requirements for makeup artists. TPE sex dolls will have photographic makeup, and daily production is another makeup situation. The face of silicone sex dolls can reflect facial fine lines and edges. Compared with TPE, the appearance is rounder.

4. The smell of sex dolls
Dolls made of additive silicone do not have any smell, while TPE materials will have some glue smell. Many businesses use the method of adding fragrances. The addition of fragrances is mainly to remove the taste of the material itself.

5. The price of sex dolls The raw material price of silicone is several times that of TPE, so all-silicon sex dolls are correspondingly much more expensive than all-TPE sex dolls. The price of all silicone sex dolls ranges from four to five thousand to tens of thousands; all TPE sex dolls are usually around $400-$1000; due to the advantages and disadvantages of silicone and TPE materials, more users now choose silicone head + TPE body. With matching, the price is around $500-$1300.

6. The service life of the sex doll The service life of the doll is related to the frequency of use, cleanliness, maintenance and storage methods. Some sex dolls are detachable and have replaceable parts, just because the material for making the doll is not so good, long-term use will cause the doll to wear out, and even the parts will fall off; clean the doll in time after use, not only to prolong the service life, For the sake of your own health, avoid the accumulation of bacteria caused by uncleaning after use; try to avoid dark and damp places for storage, and avoid squeezing. Properly taking care of your own dolls can properly extend the service life. Silicone sex dolls range from 2-8 years, and TPEs range from 1-4 years.

Based on the above points, silicone and TPE have their own advantages and disadvantages. The price of TPE sex dolls is the lowest and is more suitable for new players, while all silicone sex dolls are expensive and suitable for high-end players. Sex dolls with silicone head + TPE body combination Moderately priced, it is also a good choice. No matter what kind of sex doll you buy, you must take care of it, in order to prolong your life, it will improve your health and use.