How to make a silicone sex doll yourself?

For modern young men and women, silicone physical dolls should not be unfamiliar. Its main function is to meet the needs of real people. Most of the people who buy it are single and lonely men. Of course, a small number of women also buy it.

However, the price of a pure solid silicone sex doll is not cheap. They need hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. Many people can’t afford it. In fact, we can also make silicone sex dolls by ourselves, so what do we need to make silicone sex dolls by ourselves?

To make silicone sex dolls by yourself, you need to prepare a lot of silicone. Generally, silicone sex dolls use a large area of silicone, and the texture is a bit hard, but if the texture is not hard, the shape will not work or even be made. Therefore, the silicone sex dolls made of silicone look really good-looking. But there is still a big difference with the real one. At present, the main materials for making silicone sex dolls are TPE, silicone and cloth. The texture and experience of physical dolls made of different materials will be different.

In addition, to make silicone sex dolls by yourself, you also need to choose the body, and then choose the height. Generally, the lighter the physical doll, the better. It is inconvenient to carry and take a bath if it is too heavy. As for the proportion of the body and the size of the chest, you can do it according to your own preferences.

At the same time, making silicone sex dolls also requires selecting skeletons, head carvings, functions, etc., which is more troublesome. Generally, it is difficult for people who do not have this talent to make them by themselves.

Men’s physiological needs have not been met, and it is easy to suffer from various problems, so more and more men use silicone sex dolls, but they cannot use silicone sex dolls frequently, which will reduce the quality of sexual life and affect the life of husband and wife in the future. And beware of inferior silicone sex dolls, otherwise it will cause great damage to the human body.